Easy Bruising One Characteristic Body Lack of Vitamin K

bruising lack of vitamin K

Although often considered unimportant, but vitamin K include vitamins needed by the human body. Just like other types of vitamins, when the body is deficient in this vitamin, then there will be a negative effect on health. More fatal when people who are deficient in vitamin K is pregnant and lactating mothers.

The body needs this vitamin for blood clotting process, prevent the occurrence of problems in the production process of the blood, as well as keeping the kidneys and bones.

Why do pregnant women require more of this vitamin, because vitamin K helps the growth of the fetus and baby. If deficiencies intake of vitamin K, the fetus will experience slow growth.

Launched by Health Site pages, the following is a characteristic of the body that is experiencing a shortage of vitamin K =

  1. Problems in the blood.
    As mentioned above, vitamin K useful for the process of blood formation, blood clotting, and various blood-related issues. If there is a shortage, there will be bleeding such as nosebleeds, excessive menstruation, blood in the stool, and more. You also easy bruising or bruising under the skin surface.
  2. Osteoporosis.
    Not only the problem of the blood, but bone problems can also occur. One of them is osteoporosis due to lack of vitamin K in the body. In addition to calcium, the body also needs vitamins to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  3. Blood problems in infants.
    When the mothers during pregnancy were less get enough vitamin K intake, then the effect the baby could have problems blood deficiency disorder, which can be fatal.

Sources of vitamin K which can be consumed on a regular basis are green leafy vegetables, beef liver, and green tea also contains the vitamin. May be useful.


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