Eating Pork Can Be Caused Meningitis and Deafness

eating pork meningitis deafness

Consumption of pork contaminated with bacteria can cause meningitis. This outbreak is happening in some areas of Bali, causing 20 more residents infected with the disease.

Meningitis is a disease of inflammation of the membranes of the brain triggered by bacterial infections. According to Nerve Specialist, dr. Lilir Amalini, SpS, another consequence of the disease is the patient may experience hearing loss.

According to her, the disease first symptoms are fever would result in the disappearance of a patient hearing ability, or experience deafness.

“The impact is most often from the pig’s meningitis patients become deaf,” she said as quoted by page, Tuesday (03/14/2017).

The bacteria initially infect a result of citizens Badung, Bali eating pork dish it enters the the body and settles in the lining of the brain. Then the patient has a high fever, and the ability to listen to decrease.

Not necessarily suffered total deafness, but a decline in the ability to hear gradually.

There are also other effects such as patients experiencing septic shock, arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis), pneumonia (lung inflammation), endocarditis (heart disease), endophthalmitis (eye infection) and bacterial peritonitis (inflammation of the stomach).

As a precaution advised not to eat meat suspected to be contaminated by bacteria, also have to process the meat with hygienic and cooked so that the bacteria die.

If there are any early symptoms of meningitis, immediately take the patient to the nearest hospital in order to receive first aid. Consumption of healthy foods in order to increase the immune system and can fight infections properly.


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