Negative Effects of Drying Wet Clothes in the Room

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drying wet clothes in the room

During the rainy season many people who hang wet clothes in the room. These habits will make the humidity level rose to 30 percent and fun for the fungus to grow. It’s certainly not ideal conditions needed for the body’s health.

The health risks that can occur in residents of the house are so hard to breathe, having asthma, decreased immune system, and trigger skin problems. Asthma Society of Ireland said that the most vulnerable affected are infants, children, and the elderly.

A home environment that turns into moist is the place for fungus to proliferate rapidly. The fungus releases spores when ripe, and it is a trigger allergy for residents.

“The spores trigger an allergic reaction. Fungi and fungal spores often invisible,” said a representative of the Asthma Society of Ireland, Pheena Keeny.

The spores are inhaled while breathing may actually be released through sneezing and coughing mechanisms. That is the way the immune system to keep foreign objects get into the lungs. So if you start coughing and sneezing, then it could be a sign that there are allergens in the home.

But if your body is not sensitive to the source of the allergy, you will not react to anything. Usually easily affected are asthmatics who are sensitive to mold spores.

It is advisable to prevention does not hang wet clothes in the house, because it is not good for the health of occupants. Houses and moist air can make residents sick. If necessary, open wide air vent to allow air to flow easily. May be useful.


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