5 Artificial Sweeteners Should Be Avoided If You Want Healthy

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artificial sweeteners should be avoided

Sweet foods favored not only by children but also their parents. However, the health effects that follow after eating food rich in sugar it turned out to not as sweet as it seems.

There are several diseases that are suspected to be a result of the amount of sugar intake, whether it be real sugar or artificial sweeteners. For example, whether it is type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

Be aware of the food you eat, if it contains these five types of sweeteners for the sake of your own health. Reported by Boldsky pages, the following five types of sweeteners should be avoided =

  1. Aspartame.
    This artificial sweetener is most commonly used in the food industry. It mainly on soda and other beverages. You may have a headache or a migraine, and diabetes due to increases in blood glucose levels.
  2. Agavenectar.
    This is the type of sweetener that contains about 70-90 percent fructose. Scientists warn that fructose can trigger heart disease because it causes increased levels of bad cholesterol.
  3. Sucralose.
    This sweetener is composed of a mixture of chlorine, making it rather difficult to be digested and broken down by digestion. These chemicals are sometimes made from waste.
  4. Sugar.
    Natural sugar also contains 50 percent glucose, so it is easy to digest and increase blood sugar. This is a trigger for diabetes that much going on. Fructose can also harm the pancreas.
  5. Corn sugar.
    Corn sugar or corn syrup can make a person even more hungry and eat more food. This can lead to diabetes and obesity.

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