According to Expert: Drinking Milk Not Prevent Osteoporosis

drinking milk not prevent osteoporosis

Prompts for drinking milk is sometimes accompanied by a statement that the milk can prevent and treat osteoporosis. Advertisement of these products is often underlined that the importance of drinking milk is to prevent brittle bones disease.

But is it true facts? One expert, dr. Anjar Bhawono SpOT, Expert Orthopedics and Traumatology from the Metropolitan Medical Center Hospital, Kuningan, Jakarta straighten that understanding.

According to him, we should first understand what it is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs in the symptoms of decline in bone mass and density. In some cases also occur disturbances of normal bone architecture.

To detect the presence of the disease, it is generally performed BMD examination or bone densitometry. Developed countries with public health condition began to improve, the incidence of the emergence of degenerative diseases began to increase.

If positive experience osteoporosis doctor will perform a series of treatments. Consumption of milk can actually help one part handling, but the effects are small.

In other words, according to dr. Anjar Bhawono SpOT, milk is not part of osteoporosis prevention or treatment of the disease. So the consumption of milk is actually only a small effect on the disease. Especially in adults with bone structure and bone health condition has been formed since childhood.


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