The Cause of the Body Stay Thin Despite Eating a Lot

body stay thin despite eating a lot

People who eat a lot but their body stay thin often make envy with their condition. There is also the opposite, we eat less and do a lot of exercises, but the weight is very difficult to get off. Researcher Michael Cowley from Monash University’s Obesity and Diabetes Institute tries to explain scientifically about this rather strange phenomenon.

According to him, it could not be separated from human ancestor condition when going through a period of evolution. Various conditions such as prolonged starvation or type of food obtained in a long time influenced the evolution of the human body and digestive system.

“This evolution affects how fast the storage of fat in the human body,” explained Michael Cowley as reported by ABC page.

Similarly, fat-burning efficiency problems when muscles work and perform the function of the body, he added. It will affect the evolution of human genetics, which continue to be passed down to the next generation. Weight approximately 60-70 percent affected by genetic factors.

Of course, the genetic factors will change slowly over time as the occurrence of marriage, genetic mixing of these two can strengthen or weaken the trait. Evolutionary pressures that trigger changes no longer existed because the food is now easily obtained.

Conway continued that the environmental factor is another thing that gave rise to the phenomenon already eat a lot, but the body remains thin.

“Our weight is determined by genetic factors and how much we move as well as food intake,” he added.

These three factors that each influences in shaping the human body and weight, to the point of adjustment. Be the weight of your body as it is owned nowadays.

Researchers also said that a person’s appetite is influenced by genetics. That’s why some people appetite is big, and some are not.


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