Diligent Up and Down Stairs Invite Many Benefits

up and down stairs benefits

Activity up and down stairs often be avoided if there are facilities such as elevators or escalators in buildings. Whereas such activities can invite many benefits for your body and health.

Routine up and down the stairs even prevent the risk of several diseases that cause premature death. In the study, if you are every day up and down 10 stairs, then the risk drops to 33 percent.

Knowingly or not, up and down the stairs same with exercise even if you do not intend to exercise. So it has a very big advantage, is not it? Reporting from klikdokter.com pages, there are some health benefits of going up and down the stairs on a regular basis =

  1. Healthy heart.
    Up and down the stairs same to maintain your cardiovascular health. So that means better heart health because no buildup of plaque in blood vessels which reduces the risk of heart disease.
  2. Forming a firmer body.
    Regularly up and down the stairs will make the muscles of the body moves from the legs, buttocks, calves, and almost all the lower part of the body including the waist. In effect, the lower body so tight and not loose.
  3. Burn fat.
    Want to lose weight, multiply to go up and down stairs. Fat burning occurs rapidly if routinely perform this exercise, you know. Even faster than jogging.
  4. Good mood.
    Many moves the body will affect the good mood. Increasing the production of endorphins and minimize stress. So do not avoid stairs, ok, whether at home, office, shopping mall, or anywhere else. Up and down the stairs many benefits right. Up and down stairs have many benefits.

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