Hair Had Turned White When Young, It’s a Symptom of the Disease

hair had turned white when young

Recent studies reveal that the white or gray hair is not only a sign of age who are aging but also can be a sign of health problems. Moreover, the gray hair that appears at the relatively young age of under 30’s or 35 years.

“The results of our study, not only for reasons of age, gray hair can be a warning sign of increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Irini Samuel, a cardiologist at the University of Cairo, Egypt.

Atherosclerosis or calcification of blood vessels occurs by the same mechanism as the occurrence of gray hair, namely the disruption of DNA, oxidative stress, inflammation, hormonal changes and functional cell aging.

Both of these conditions, atherosclerosis and gray hair, generally occurred along with an increase in age.

In the study shows that patients who have coronary artery disease, it turns out they also have a high white hair statistic when compared to people without such health problems.

But the researchers also admit that it took more in-depth studies to confirm any link those two things; the emergence of gray hair at a young age and atherosclerotic disease.

“In-depth research is needed, and to coordinate with a dermatologist to learn more about the genetic causes of environmental factors,” he added as quoted by Boldsky page.


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