Diligently Cleaning the House Can Eliminate Insomnia and Make Sleep Soundly

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diligently cleaning house

Do not underestimate the habit of cleaning the house that is always identical to the activities of women. Although often underestimated, this practice turned out to have a positive effect on health, you know, that eliminates insomnia and increase the quality of sleep more soundly.

Another benefit of diligent cleaning the house is able to make happy because the body is accustomed to moving swiftly. Similar effect with exercise, as reported by PureWow page.

What else the benefits of diligent cleaning the house? Consider the following =

  1. Reduce stress.
    According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, house cleaning activities can reduce stress. Staying in the dirty and messy house and environment can increase the risk of stress until the depression. This is because the production of the hormone cortisol is produced when you are in a dirty and messy environment.
  2. Sleep well.
    The clean room and bed can make the body and mind more relaxed, so the happy hormone or serotonin will be produced more. The result is a good night’s sleep and to avoid insomnia.
  3. Increased health.
    A clean environment also makes better health. Bacteria, viruses, mosquitoes and other disease sources can be eliminated in the clean-up activities. Not to mention the dirt that could potentially trigger allergies such as dust or pollen and animal dander, mites and ticks. So do not be reluctant to diligently clean the house, ok. May be useful.

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