Reduce the Not Important Talk and Get 5 Benefits of This

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reduce not important talk benefits

Talkative not a good trait, because the more often commented on various issues it will be increasingly open the possibility of harm to others or saying the wrong thing. No wonder if there is a saying that mentions that ‘silence is golden.’

There are positive benefits that you can feel when restricting speech or silence did not speak for a few hours per day, you know. No wonder several health camps holding therapy to not talk for the sake of achieving a certain spiritual level as desired.

Reported by Boldsky pages, here are some of the benefits reducing talk =

#1. Raising awareness.

Silence would increase public awareness and sharpen the focus and concentration of the brain. It is important for those who often feel confused do not know what to do. This method will increase your productivity.

#2. Regeneration of brain cells.

Silence with full concentration and meditation can help the growth of brain cells. The brain cells work to remember and understand things that benefit you.

#3. Eliminate stress.

The sound waves that you hear and you remove all processed by the nervous system of the brain, which can experience stress if it is too complicated and noisy. The fewer the noise commotion is heard and processed by the brain, stress levels will decline.

#4. Cure insomnia.

Hard to sleep? Try to silence and calm yourself. It helps the healing process insomnia, also help reduce fatigue.

#5. Lowering blood pressure.

High blood pressure can also be lowered by an atmosphere of calm and a little talk. Blood pressure may return to normal and the respiratory relief. This is also done by people with asthma. May be useful.


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