Cheapest Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

cheapest ways prevent heart disease

Maintaining heart health is very important, in addition because the heart is a vital organ that has a role in life, also because the treatment of the disease is expensive.

One of the most inexpensive ways to make a healthy heart is by diligently walking. It is lighter and easier to do than other sports such as running or cycling.

With diligent walk every day then you’ve counted maintain good heart health without much cost.

This was revealed by a study conducted in the UK, involving 111 post office workers and officers who daily perform activities of opposites. Office workers silent and sit behind a desk, while the postman a lot of walking and a lot of outdoor activity.

Patterns of working and their activity were monitored during the week. Researchers observe what effect for their heart, related work habits every day.

Office workers have a larger waist circumference because of the lack of activity. While postal workers have a slimmer stomach due to their walking activity to deliver postal parcels at least 15 thousand steps per day.

Reported by Men’s Health page, a lot of moving makes a person’s risk factors for heart disease are also reduced. Much smaller than those who rarely move.

The likelihood of dying at a young age is much smaller for those who diligently move. While those who are less mobile every day, 30 percent more at risk of dying at a young age.


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