Children with ADHD Should Not Eat This

children with ADHD

Caring for and raising a child with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD does require greater patience. Not only in addressing and treating behavior and needs, but also for food consumed by children.

Some foods should be avoided, because it would affect the response in the body, especially trigger hyperactivity. Not without reason, but the substances contained in these foods that cause changes in the child to be more aggressive.

Explaining about the food should not be consumed by children with ADHD, Dr. Gitayanti Hadisukanto, SpKJ (K) explained that gluten and caffeine are prohibited.

Consumption of both foods will trigger a tantrum, and the child becomes more active. In addition, chocolate and cakes containing chocolate such as brownies also not allowed.

“But children with ADHD may respond to certain foods such as chocolate, brownies, then it should not be eaten,” she said as reported by page.

Chocolate contains caffeine, casein, and the energy that triggers impulsive behavior of children. Likewise, gluten obtained from wheat flour.

“Wheat is not responsive like chocolate. Eat bread, for example, may be unable to sleep and may have tantrums,” she added.

The reason is because it is rather difficult to digest gluten properly, causing it difficult to digest the protein chain.

This triggers effect like endorphin which is the hormone that causes their energy more to appear, so that they become hyperactive or tantrums.


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