Do Not Be Shy to Vent, This Can Prevent Suicides

vent can prevent suicides

Suicides that happened recently is a growing concern, as is done for various reasons that still can find a way out. It is not true that suicide is considered to be a way out of the problem. In fact, it is the door of a bigger problem.

Generally, the perpetrators suffered stress and depression as a result do not want to talk about the problems they face. It primarily occurs in men, because men often do not know what to tell or confide in anyone.

In addition, women have a great fear of the suicide and pain before death, and sin obtained. It prevents women to suicide, even though many also could think to do.

In men it is the opposite, it was said by observers Social Psychology, Dr. Endang Rahayu Mariani, M. Si.

“Men are more ventured to undertake such actions, the suicide,” said Dr. Endang as reported by Liputan6 page.

For the prevention of suicides, WHO is currently running a program interconnect, or chat with others. When you feel stressed, had a problem, despair, or anything else that makes a narrow mind, vent it to someone else.

The chat will make you feel better, and your friends can also provide a way out for the problem. So learn to communicate in order to be relieved heart and an open mind.

But of course, you have to choose a good friend to vent the problem because choosing the wrong friends can even add weight to your problem.

Feel free to vent, as prevention of stupid action called suicide.


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