Remove Negative Thoughts in a Way That is Recommended by Psychologists

remove negative thoughts

Having too many negative thoughts can hamper ourselves to go forward and do good things. A psychologist from the University of North Carolina named Dr. Barbara Fredrickson suggests some easy ways to get rid of the negative thoughts and train ourselves to have a lot of positive thoughts.

The first way is to find ‘micro-moments of positivity,’ that is a little happiness every day. For example, by doing good to others, who are psychologically will trigger yourself to come infected in the happiness of others.

Make others happy proverbial mirror to the side of the human psyche, which automatically adds positive value in ourselves if often done. For a small scale first, for example, help to bring groceries for others. Or help get across the street.

Here are some ways to get rid of negative thoughts suggested by psychologist Dr. Barbara Fredrickson =

#1. Respect the environment around us.

Some of the little things that we have sometimes forgotten to be thankful for. Eg health, you can smile because you do not have a toothache. Or the opportunity to drinking water that is clean and refreshing. Can also enjoy the clean air, and sunlight which makes it all becomes clear. Find other things to be thankful, then negative thoughts will continue to shrink.

#2. Socializing.

Having good social relationships also can develop the positive side inside. Try to be friends with nice people, so can you absorb the positive energy. Or begin to greet the family with a friendly and gentle.

#3. Set a goal in life.

The purpose of life makes you have the spirit to fight for it. Put your life goals for motivation to do more than it is today, and eliminate negative thoughts and despair. For example, you want to finish school and get good grades. Or want to have achievements at the national level and become the pride of the family.

#4. Learning new things.

New things will add a new spirit. For example, a new hobby, or a course of musical instruments, studied the Koran, a new job, and more. This will increase confidence and erode negative thoughts.

#5. Accept yourself.

God give yourself such as what it is, then give thanks. Do not regret the weakness of self, but try to improve on the other side. Sure there are advantages that you have and can be maximized.

#6. Sincere.

Learn to sincere and willing to things that are not as you wish. Your desire is certainly not everything must be obtained. There is a provision of God that you must accept gracefully, and surely the best for you.

By training yourself to think positively and respond to life with a positive outlook, the good energy will be more and more closer to you. May be useful.


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