6 Early Symptoms of Brain Tumor That Needs to Be Known

early symptoms of brain tumor

Certainly none of the people who are willing to suffer severe disease. But if destiny writes that the disease should you suffer, it should be detected and treated as soon as possible. For example, a brain tumor that mostly also not known to exist before symptoms is visible.

Recognizing early symptoms of a brain tumor means it will increase the likelihood of recovery because the treatment is done early. Generally, the patient will often feel dizzy. But of course, it does not always happen because there are some cases that are not accompanied by a headache at first.

Here are some early signs of a brain tumor that could be watched, as reported by the Women’s Health page, Friday (06/04/2017) =

#1. Convulsions.

Seizures result from nerve cells in the brain are not controlled, due to the growth of tumors that cause irritation.

#2. Difficult to control the body and reflexes to swallow missing.

If suddenly you have a difficulty controlling body, loss of balance, movement cannot be controlled, cannot swallow, the problem on the limb which would not move on its own accord, strange facial expressions, so beware.

#3. Numb.

Some parts of the body and face are experiencing numbness, it could be there is a tumor in the part of the nerve that connects the spine.

#4. The decline of thinking.

Although rare, brain tumors can also affect the mindset and the ability to remember. Sometimes the patient may feel confused do not know what happened.

#5. Nausea and visual disturbances.

Sudden nausea can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Can also experience sudden problems with vision.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, immediately consult a doctor for further treatment. May be useful.


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