First Aid When Exposed to Sea Jellyfish Stings

first aid sea jellyfish stings

Jellyfish glance looks cute and harmless if made toys, but it stings can be dangerous to humans. Even in some cases jellyfish stings that can lead to death if not immediately get help.

To prevent the worst possible if a family member or friend who suffered a jellyfish sting, the following first aid should be done as reported by artofmanliness page =

#1. Pull over to the land area.

Immediately pull over to the land or on the beach if stings occurred while swimming. Then rinse the wound with clean water by flowing water over the wound without the need to touch or do a lot of movement. Stay calm and do not panic so that the poison did not spread quickly.

#2. Flush with vinegar.

The study mentions that vinegar may help reduce the toxic effects of jellyfish. Pour vinegar into the wound and leave it without the need to wash again.

#3. Remove the rest of the tentacles.

Usually, there are remaining tentacles stuck to the skin. Dispose of using ATM card or any other card slowly. Do not touch by hand because there are toxins in it.

#4. Compress.

Compress the wound with a towel that has been dipped in hot water to ease the pain. Or you can also compress using ice, to help relieve pain. Immediately to the doctor for more help.

First aid it should be done quietly so that the poison did not spread more quickly. Immediately to a hospital near the shore to get the antidote jellyfish and drink plenty of water and coconut water to give strength to the body. May be useful.


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