Children Who Experience Less Blood Will Not Focus When Learning

children experience less blood

Children can also experience anemia or less blood, you know. In fact, parents sometimes less aware that their children are suffering from these symptoms, due to the absence of complaints that came out of the child.

To detect anemia or less blood on their children, parents can see the child’s behavior and daily life. For example, performance in school are declining due to the child is often weak and unable to concentrate maximum.

It was described by the Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. dr. Yustina Anie I MSc, SpGK. According to her, currently in Indonesia, almost 30 percent of children have blood deficiency or anemia.

“My research in the area of Tangerang near the airport, many children suffer from anemia. After checking their lifestyle, their diet lacking in nutrients,” she said as quoted by the Legal page.

Children are accustomed to using the allowance to buy food that is not nutritious. It can continue until they are adults, anemia will continue to occur if the diet has not changed.

To add a child nutrition is not necessarily expensive, give vegetables and fruit from childhood to their food every day. That’s enough to meet their nutritional needs, including to prevent anemia.

If you want the child to grow rapidly and smart in school, give adequate nutrition every day. This will affect the mindset and health until adulthood.


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