Stroke and Heart Attack Can Appear Due to Air Pollution

stroke heart attack air pollution

Pollution that contaminates the air space to breathe cannot be underestimated. Exposure to air pollution in the body can lead to serious diseases such as stroke and heart disease. And, air pollution triggers both diseases, significantly in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Dr. Djoko Maryono DSDP, DSJP, FIHA, FACC as a specialist heart and blood vessels from the Pondok Indah hospital, heart disease contributed to 30 percent of world’s leading causes of death. As for the causes of heart disease in the Asia Pacific region are generally derived from three factors: too many sweet and tasty foods, reluctant to move the body, and air pollution.

“Thirdly too much air pollution, food pollution, environmental pollution is remarkable,” said Dr. Djoko as quoted by Reuters.

When the body is exposed to air pollution, possible damage to the blood vessels, especially in endothelium layer. The innermost layer of blood vessels has a broadly equivalent five times the size of a tennis court and everyone has it.

“It turns out that this layer is very important in human life, many hormones that are produced by endothelium,” he said.

Besides triggered by air pollution, the endothelium can be damaged by exposure to cigarette smoke, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Also included, electromagnetic exposure from electronic equipment can affect the health of endothelium. Some effects of endothelium damage are inflammation of germs that trigger blood vessel plaque and ends with a blockage. Plaque can rupture at any time.

“If it ruptures what happened? Causing chest pain, dizziness, vertigo,” he said.


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