Effects on Health If Often in an Air Conditioned Room

air conditioned room effects

Being in the air-conditioned room is comfortable, especially when the weather is hot. Not only in the room, in the office, in the car, at the mall, at the restaurant are now already many who use the air conditioner. But whether there are effects of too long in the room with air conditioning for your health?

According to a study conducted by scientists at the Medical Center of Louisiana, the risk of someone who often is in the air-conditioned room is able to experience a disease that attacks the respiratory system. The disease commonly called legionnaire or acute respiratory infection. If left unchecked then the disease can lead to pneumonia.

#1. Prone to dizziness and tiredness.

Workers are more often located in the air-conditioned room will easily susceptible to dizziness and fatigue.

#2. Dry skin.

The skin condition is also prone to dry because the moisture of the body decreases. You should always use a moisturizer if you’re in an air-conditioned room, otherwise the skin more prone to wrinkles.

#3. More sensitive to heat.

You will also become more sensitive to heat, do not stand the scorching sun. This condition is called body stress, having previously been accustomed to cold temperatures, so the time should be exposed to drastic temperature changes then it would stress.

We recommend that you did not stay too long in the air-conditioned space, but only when the temperature is really hot only. Increase consumption of water to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects above.


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