Apparently Women Prone to Anemia Because of This

women prone to anemia

It’s no secret that the majority of women have experienced anemia or less blood. There was even a medical article that wrote the fact that 80 percent of women have suffered from the problem of anemia, due to lack of care and underestimated.

Do not look paltry against blood deficiency or anemia problem, because though do not directly impact as other diseases but can endanger a woman’s health slowly.

There are several things that can lead to anemia. Revealed by the Clinical Nutrition Specialist Dr. dr. Yustina Anie I MSc, SpGK, among others, is due to women having periods every month. They lost blood in a rather large amount, and sometimes not be overcome.

“Do not let the lack of hemoglobin, to overcome this could drink the blood booster capsules,” said Dr. Anie.

Other triggers of anemia are nutritional deficiencies that are often experienced by women because invariably succumb in the distribution of food. Mothers generally provide nutritious food for children and a husband, but not for herself.

Whereas women should give priority to herself, and then others in the family because she is the housekeeper. How can women take care of household well, if she herself anemia and weak?

Another reason why women experience blood shortage is because they never exercise. No wonder so many women that look pale and lack of fit in the activity.

In addition to less exercise, too little physical activity. “They are busy with homework, never cared to sleep, irregular eating patterns, and does not meet the nutritional adequacy,” added Dr. Anie.

To prevent anemia then women are encouraged to more consumption of foods with iron like spinach, are also not ignore the nutrition, and regular exercise.


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