Best Way to Prevent Asthma Attack

best way to prevent asthma attack

Asthma is a complex disease, caused by a combination of genetic factors and environments. Addition because genetic, so many risks that exist in the environment that can lead to the development of asthma in children. Therefore, preventing asthma can be said to be almost impossible.

Prevention of asthma is more focused on preventing asthma attacks did not come back and prevent the worsening of asthma sufferers.

Avoiding asthma triggers.

Usually, sufferers of asthma attacks came after inhaling something that is a ‘trigger’ or allergen substances that are in the environment. Asthma triggers will cause respiratory tract inflammation, constrict and cause wheezing (sound when breathing).

Triggers of asthma will vary for each person. Therefore, the best thing to do is to identify asthma triggers and avoid them whenever possible.

Air filter system.

Air filter can help to get rid of various asthma triggers such as small dust, pollen, mold, allergens and other substances. Air filter system should be there in the house people with asthma. Current air filter technology can even get rid of 99% of pollutants from the air around.


The humidifier is a tool to increase the humidity by spraying water vapor into the air. This tool is almost like air conditioning. For people with asthma, these tools can help relieve asthma symptoms that may arise.


This therapy is a form of injection of allergen substances to asthmatics. This therapy is intended to enhance the body’s immune system to allergens. The goal is to reduce the sensitivity of asthmatics to asthma triggers. Your doctor may suggest using this therapy if the patient is very susceptible to symptoms/asthma attacks in everyday environments.

Asthma preventive medicine.

Know the medicines that are used to deal with an asthma attack. These medicines can reduce the severity of asthma symptoms during an asthma attack coming. In addition, these medicines can also be used for preventing asthma attacks.

Medicines for asthma are generally in the form of an inhaler (inhaled medications), although there are also consumed directly by mouth.

Prevention of asthma attacks needs the help of people around (family and friends). Know your asthma, including symptoms and triggers, because this understanding will be very useful in the prevention and treatment during an asthma attack occurs.

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