6 Habits That Damage Heart Health

habits that damage heart health

You might think to have a lifestyle that’s been quite healthy. But sometimes there are some habits that even accidentally damage the health of your heart. Considering maintaining heart health is important, then you need to know information about the habits that can damage the health. As reported by Allwomenstalk, here are the habits =

  1. Eating too much or overeat.
    Eating too much food is one of the bad habits. The effect is you are overweight, and obesity. It clear affects heart health and can damage it.
  2. Excessive exercise or not exercise.
    Yes, both are bad for heart health. When excessive exercise, makes the heart work too hard and it is not recommended. Especially if you have never previously exercising but then spur yourself to practice all-out at one time. Do regular exercise with a balanced portion, so that the heart be healthy.
  3. Too much salt.
    Too much salt in your diet will improve high blood pressure. The risk of stroke, heart disease, or heart attack would be intensified by high blood pressure.
  4. Too many watch TV.
    One of the bad habits that lead to heart disease is to sit for hours. While watching TV, you should do while doing other activities, a walk in the living room, and avoid sitting for long. It also applies to office workers because they are most often sit long without moving.
  5. Not cleaning teeth.
    Clean the teeth perfectly using floss turns out to be associated with increased heart disease. Scientists found that the bacteria that accumulate on the teeth and gums can spread to other organs including the heart if not cleaned.
  6. Passive smokers.
    Being around smokers, it can lead to elevated blood clots and plaque in your arteries. A study showed almost 5,000 cases of heart disease are diagnosed each year in the U.S., derived from the passive smokers.
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