iKnife, Smart Knife to Track Cancer Cells

iknife to track cancer cells

The latest tool in the medical field to detect the presence of cancer has been discovered by a team from Imperial College London. The tools in the form of a small knife, but equipped with the technology to identify cancerous tissue with fairly accurate results. “iKnife” is the nickname of the findings.

Quoted by the BBC, this tool will be used to identify cancer cells remaining after removal of the cancer stem cells is performed. Usually, cancer did spread (metastasis), which is a bit difficult to trace. Thus, cancer surgery is usually done more than once to complete removal of cancer. During this time the surgeon prefers to remove tissue around the cancer cells to overcome the cell deployment.

Currently, iKnife being conducted clinical trials. The workings of the modification scalpel using heat to cut tissue that is removed. Analysis conducted on the smoke coming out of the heat that touches the tissue. There will be a slight difference between the smoke from healthy tissue with cancer.

It required an additional tool that serves as a “nose” of electronics in differentiating the two. This device is called the mass spectrometer. The information presented by the mass spectrometer was able to detect differences between healthy and cancerous tissue in just seconds.

Meanwhile, the results indicated that the equipment is running accurately. On a test conducted on 91 patients showed a knife and complementary devices could detect the tissue type correctly. The result was obtained with a more instant way.

“These results provide surprising evidence that iKnife can be applied in a broad cancer surgery procedure. The knife gives almost instant results, and allows the surgeon to continue the procedure with the level of accuracy that previously not possible,” said Dr. Zoltan Takats, system creator in Imperial.

With this finding is believed, smart knives will be able to reduce the risk of the tumor returning. As a result, the potential for patients to recover greater.


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