Beware of Gangrene, Chronic Wounds in the Legs

gangrene chronic wounds in legs

The buildup of plaque consisting of cholesterol and other substances can occur throughout the blood vessels. If the location is in the heart arteries (coronary), this can lead to a heart attack. If it occurs in the peripheral blood vessels (peripheral), may cause interference on the part of the body such as the legs.

Blood Clots in the Legs

Gangrene, chronic wounds in the legs, is one form of the disorder that is often caused by a buildup of plaque in peripheral arteries. This condition often affects people with diabetes whose blood sugar levels in the body are not controlled.

According to a specialist heart and blood vessels, dr. Hananto Andriantoro SpJP, from RSJPDHK, chronic wound healing efforts in the foot (gangrene) in people with diabetes needs a thorough treatment. Cannot be done if only by giving antibiotics and regular wound care. According to him, it took a deeper examination of whether there are a blockage and a narrowing of the blood vessels in the legs. If there is, then the blockage must be opened. This is because the blockage is the main cause of injury.

Blood flow will be hampered if have a blockage in the veins of the legs so that there will be a network that cannot get a supply of oxygen and food. This condition will make a dead tissue over time, and to form the wound. Therefore, if the blockage is not opened, it will complicate wound healing.

There are several ways to open a blockage in the veins of the legs. Can with surgery, or also by way of an implanted stent (ring), same as the handling of coronary heart disease, the difference only lies in the location of the blood vessels.

According to dr. Hananto, opening up blockages will make the blood flow smoothly again, and this will make healing easier. A similar explanation is said by Thosapol Limpijankit, a specialist heart and blood vessels derived from Mahidol University. Just like the cases in Indonesia, in Thailand the majority of people with diabetes who suffered gangrene often come too late to be addressed, so amputation is often unavoidable.


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