Early Signs and Symptoms of Asthma Attack

asthma signs and symptoms

Symptoms of asthma occur when respiratory tract to the lungs become inflamed and there narrowing. Symptoms that occur can vary for each patient with asthma. Knowing the symptoms of an asthma attack is crucial for the patient or those around can take the necessary action at the sight of these symptoms appears. Asthma symptoms that often arises =


A cough that seemed not to want to stop is the most common asthma symptoms occur. Usually a dry cough, and worsens at night.


Wheezing is the sound – like whistling – that arise from the air passing through the narrow respiratory tract. This symptom is a sign that most can be recognized by everyone as a symptom of asthma.

Shortness of breath.

When the respiratory tract become narrow due to inflammation, the sufferer will have a difficulty breathing or breathing short and fast. Moreover, if these symptoms along with a severe cough.

Chest tightness or pain.

When muscle tissue in the respiratory tract tightened, there arises a sense of tightness or pain in the chest people with asthma. Feelings like wound by rope are usually causes sufferers become anxiety and panic.

As said above, the symptoms can vary. Also, people with asthma may not be having an asthma attack for months before the next attack resurfaced. As for people with asthma, asthma attacks can occur more frequently, even daily.

Therefore, identifying types and triggers of asthma is very important for people with asthma so they can take precautions against asthma attacks that can happen at any time.


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