Hobby Reading and Writing Prevent Senility at Old Age

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reading writing prevent senility

The hobby of reading is not only helpful in providing new insights. A penchant for reading and writing that began as a child was found to provide good benefits for the brain to old age. A new study shows that people who actively use their brains to think, write, and read, tend to have brains that stay sharp and brilliant as they enter old age.

Reading and Writing Slow Down Decline of Brain Function

This study found that the activity that could stimulate the brain such as writing and reading are known to prevent someone from dementia and other memory problems when they were older.

Robert S.Wilson, the study’s authors say that this study shows if the brain continues to be trained to perform several activities such as writing, reading, and so forth, then the health and sharpness of the brain in old age will stay awake.

Researchers found these results after surveying about 294 seniors who took the tests memory or recall for more than six years. The participants were also given questions about the habit of writing, reading, or other activities related to the activity of the brain began when they were children to adults.

After the participants died, researchers then examined their brains in order to find the plaque. Plaque is a sign of dementia or other brain problems associated with memory loss and the ability to think.

Researchers make findings if those who have the habit of pushing their brain to stay active is known to slow memory decline by 32 percent. This value is much slower than those who are not in the habit of pushing their brain remains active. On the other hand, those who rarely or never make the brain stay active known decreased the ability of the brain and memory faster by 48 percent.

Therefore, let us stimulate reading and writing, because, in addition to adding insight, these activities can be beneficial to brain function and may help prevent dementia.


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