3 Foods That Can Make You Senile Faster

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foods make senile faster

Some foods with proteins that often we eat everyday are known to have long-term effects that may be detrimental to health. Some of these foods can make a person to experience senility faster. Actually, these foods contain good nutrition. However, excessive consumption in the long term is not recommended.

Here are some foods mentioned above as quoted from Okezone page =

  1. Tofu.
    Tofu is made from soybeans and contains vegetable protein. But eating tofu too routine in the long term predictably could trigger a brain problem. Excessive consumption is feared to make us have a higher risk of developing dementia more rapidly when the age of 40 years and above.
  2. Processed meats.
    Processed meats are known to have a compound called nitrosamines. It is a substance that can cause damage to the liver due to high-fat production. In addition, processed meats contributed to the health of the brain that affects a decrease in the ability to remember.
  3. Processed cheese.
    Although the cheese contains calcium and vitamin D that are good for the bones, but the processed cheese also has a bad side. American type cheese and mozzarella, for example, have a high saturated fat content. These fats can trigger someone’s memory abilities decline when the amount is too high in the body.

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