Asthma Types Causes Triggers Symptoms and Treatment

asthma disease

Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system, such as inflammation and narrowing of the canal/respiratory tract, causing difficulty breathing, chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma can arise as a reaction to certain stimuli.

When an asthma attack occurs, the respiratory tract to the lungs will become inflamed and swollen. Then causes narrowing of the airways burrows, so the volume of the incoming air is reduced and a person would be hard to breathe normally.

Although it seems a lot of methods of treatment for asthma, the disease is still dangerous. But with the right treatment, sufferers can live normally. In patients with severe asthma, the disease will limit activities such as sports and other outdoor activities.

Types of asthma.

There are several different types of asthma. Identifying the type of asthma that affects very helpful both in the handling or treatment. Here are some types of asthma =

  • Allergic asthma.
  • Non-allergic asthma.
  • Exercise-induced asthma (EIA).
  • Nocturnal asthma.
  • Cough-variant asthma.
  • Occupational asthma.

Asthma causes and triggers.

People with asthma continue to increase, but the exact cause of the disease is not entirely known. The main factors that can cause asthma =

  • Genetic or family history of asthma.
  • Living environment, especially for children.
  • Allergic reactions to certain substances (animal dander, dust, etc.).
  • Respiratory tract infections.

Symptoms of asthma.

Inflammation and airway constriction can cause the following symptoms =

  • Wheezing (a snapping noise when breathing).
  • Cough.
  • Chest tightness or pain.
  • Shortness of breath.

Treatment of asthma.

In patients with asthma, the best treatment is to recognize and avoid the things that trigger asthma. At the time of the attack/asthma symptoms appear, the patient can use the following options =

  • Asthma medications.
  • Inhaler.
  • Nebulizer.

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