5 Reasons Why Lack of Sleep Can Make Your Body Become Fat

reasons lack sleep body fat

Many studies link between lack of sleep and the possibility of a person to gain weight. In fact, people often stay up are more likely to have obesity. The results of this research are not without reason. Apparently, when someone does not have enough time to sleep, there will be some problems in the body.

Quoted from Detik Health page, here are some things that happen to the body when you lack sleep =

  1. An increase in hunger hormone.
    People who sleep less will experience a decrease in activity on the part of the brain called the hypothalamus. While this part is very important to help the release of various hormones that control hunger. Thus, when you lack sleep, you will be easily hungry, and appetite increased.
  2. Body metabolism to run slowly.
    In the long run, the lack of sleep could potentially develop diabetes because of a slowdown in metabolism. This effect is similar to the process of aging.
  3. More calories intake.
    People who rarely sleep are more likely to eat a lot. Cause people to assume that snacking and eating into a fun activity, with the endocannabinoid compound produced by the brain. Thus, the higher the calorie owned. People who rarely sleep has 300 calories more than those who get enough sleep.
  4. Body becomes weak.
    The energy possessed by people who sleep less tend to be weak. They are too lazy to move, and the calories accumulate in the body. Finally, there is an accumulation of fat that ends with obesity.
  5. Prefer high-calorie foods.
    If the body lack of sleep, a person will be happy to consume high-calorie foods or fatty foods. Foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars are also often become a choice. It triggers obesity.

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