Tips to Stay Healthy Even Though Everyday Long Sitting in the Office

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Activities with low energy expenditure such as sitting up to five hours in a day, it is very dangerous for health. But poor health conditions can be improved with exercise as much as 2 – 2.5 hours per week.

Based on studies from previous research, the amount of time can be subdivided again i.e. exercise with a duration of 30 minutes per day after activity long sitting in the office.

Now, a recent study about overcoming the dangers of prolonged sitting has been conducted in London, England. Scientist Thomas Yates revealed that he used data from the Health Survey in 2008 as a representative sample in the research.

He grouped the data into 3 groups, namely ‘physical inactivity while sitting for long,’ ‘physical inactivity but did not sit long,’ and ‘physical inactivity and always sit long.’

Yates found that physically active group, in a variety of activities including gymnastics up to at least 150 minutes in one week, will gain more benefits than people who do not perform activities.

Reported by Times of India page, on Tuesday (12/04/2016), Yates mentioned that physical activity would offset damage to body cells as a result of sedentary behavior such as sitting for long periods every day.

So do various types of physical movement after doing office work. Can walking, gymnastics, cycling and the like to keep you healthy.


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