5 Fruits and Vegetables That Effectively Expel Toxins in the Body

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Detoxification or process of spending toxins that present in the body remains a trend among the public, especially among women. Detoxification process can be done in various ways, ranging from fasting, taking medicines, and eating certain foods.

However, the consumption of popular detox medicines not always safe for the body. And if your condition does not allow for fasting, then the best way to make the process of detoxification is to eat certain healthy foods. Healthy foods are made up from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of these anti-oxidants, good for health and can play a role in helping the natural detoxification process.

Fruits and Vegetables That Could Expel Body Toxins =

  1. Avocado.
    Avocado is a fruit which is high in antioxidants, including glutathione. These compounds can cleanse the body by removing harmful toxins in the body. Reduction of toxins and chemicals present in the body, making your body healthier.
  2. Cranberry.
    Cranberry included in the berry family, in addition, to preventing urinary tract infections, it can also play a role in removing toxins in the body. Cranberry fruit is antibacterial, so as to have the ability to remove toxins in the body.
  3. Cabbage.
    In addition to vitamins and minerals, cabbage also contains sulfur. Sulfur can help expel chemicals in the body such as pesticide residues and another chemical, which is dangerous when trapped in the body.
  4. Lemon.
    Lemon or lime juice contains vitamins and high antioxidants. The fruit is very effective in protecting the liver and expel the chemicals present in the body. Add the lemon juice into warm drinks like tea and consumed on a regular basis is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy body.
  5. Broccoli.
    Broccoli is a green vegetable that is rich in antioxidants and beneficial in helping to remove toxins in the body. Broccoli also contains enzymes that can help keep the digestive system working efficiently. Broccoli consumed without cooking or raw is best because the nutritional content is maintained and not reduced.

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