3 Foods to Improve the Production of Breast Milk

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foods improve production breast milk

Breast milk is much needed by the baby. Many mothers are even provided breast milk until the child is two years old. Benefits of breast milk are very much, especially filling the nutritional needs of children with the most appropriate composition than formula milk. In addition, by drinking breast milk, the child to be closer to their parents, especially the mother.

But there are times when a mother cannot produce the amount of milk that a lot in her breast. For this, one of which can be helped by eating certain foods that are believed to stimulate increased breast milk production. Quoted from Boldsky page, here are some foods to support the breast milk =

  1. Green vegetables.
    Whatever type of green vegetables, it would very good be consumed by nursing mothers. Spinach, kale, broccoli, basil so rich in the folic acid intake and iron that are believed to facilitate breastfeeding. While on the betel leaf, for example, found a variety of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Other fruits and vegetables.
    Various types of fruit are also useful in the affairs of lactation. Natural foods provide a variety of enzymes and nutrients that help the body system running properly. Other vegetables that are not green also helped give the good to the body. Eating carrots, beets, until chayote will aid the production of breast milk.
  3. Garlic.
    In garlic contained high levels of antioxidants. Although if eaten raw makes mouth odor, but garlic contributed in increasing the production of breast milk.

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