The Reason Why the Body Becomes Lethargic During a Fever

reason body lethargic fever

Fever is not a thing to be feared as long as the temperature that appears is still within tolerable limits. The side effects of fever are quite disturbing like the body becomes lethargic and limp. But the fever actually helps the weakened immune system to be able to fight various triggers of the disease in the body.

“When you are experiencing fever, the condition of the body is dropped, or immune is declining. It would lead to the central regulator of body heat become increased, which means that the body is fighting the disease in the body,” said dr. Fajar Pradhana Putra from Hanafiah Batusangkar Hospital.

Lethargy and weakness experienced by the body cannot be separated from the process that occurs during a fever. The body suddenly warmed arise from increased metabolism. This requires no small amount of calories. At that moment the body strength was drained and finally feels lethargic or weak. In addition, the calories that are widely used also makes body fluids reduced. Therefore, people with a fever is highly advised to drink plenty of water to replace the loss of body fluids.

It should be understood, a fever indicates that the body is still good in response to infection that received by the body. However, if within three days the fever did not go down, you should immediately consult a doctor. Usually, laboratory tests will be done to seek further the cause. When three days or less, it turns out the fever has subsided, there are indications that the resistance of the immune system manages to fight infection.

Provide a thermometer to check body temperature when there is a family member who has a fever. Although there is a debate about the temperature in the category of fever, but if the temperature had reached 39-40 degrees Celsius should be immediately taken to the hospital. If it occurs in children, at this temperature is feared could cause seizures. Give fever medications such as paracetamol preferably only when needed, especially when a high fever.


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