Writing by Hand More Beneficial for the Brain Rather Than Typing

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writing hand beneficial brain

Writing by hand is much more beneficial than writing with keyboard computer or gadget. The study found that people who write by hand have increased a better learning ability rather than doing it on the keyboard.

Explained by Kenneth Kiewra, educational psychologist, from observations on the students who write notes by hand and by typing, it turns out affecting the students’ comprehension against the material presented. Students who summarize it through handwriting can capture the lessons better. These results are the findings of a study by the University of Nebraska.

“However, these are not shown when creating notes by typing on a laptop. Students who wrote in a note captures lessons better than they were typing,” said Kiewra as quoted from Detik page.

In another study also found a similar conclusion. From studies at Princeton University and the University of California found that students who wrote via pen have a better performance in school. The performance was ahead of those who write through typing on a computer or laptop. In addition, those who write by hand, able to learn better, stronger in remembering, and easy to grasp new ideas.

Kiewra said if writing is a good way to stimulate the brain. The brain can imagine how science progresses. Meanwhile, Harvard University psychologist named Michael Friedman revealed, writing is a dynamic process that is capable of processing a variety of things that are heard from one’s mind.


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