5 Interesting Facts About Varicose Veins

interesting facts varicose veins

Pregnant women often have varicose veins in the legs. It is not only women who can have this problem because of men also many who have varicose veins. Although not painful, but varicose veins can be very disturbing one’s appearance.

You wondered what exactly it is and how the occurrence of varicose veins? Here are the facts about the varicose veins as reported by prevention.com page =

  1. Genetic.
    It turned out that most women who have varicose veins occur genetically because their parents or relatives also suffered from the same thing. This was revealed by Jeffrey G. Carr, MD, a medical director of the Vein Center of East Texas. He concluded from his research, if 805 people he researched have varicose veins, it turns out their family tree also have varicose veins. Varicose veins occur not only because of pregnancy, but also obesity and aging.
  2. Not only in the legs.
    In other body parts, varicose veins can also occur, although it is most often in the legs and thighs. In addition, it can be in the neck, chest or face.
  3. The trigger is a poor lifestyle.
    One that triggers the appearance of varicose veins is a lifestyle and diet. Foods rich in cholesterol and fat will lead to obesity, which in turn lead to varicose veins. Therefore exercise more, drinking water and enough sleep.
  4. Can also be caused by makeup.
    According to Jeffrey G, Carr, MD, varicose veins sometimes also triggered by allergies to certain types of makeup. Or the habit of scratching with hard on certain parts of the skin.
  5. Appeared one, then the others will soon appear.
    If you are already experiencing the varicose veins, it usually will soon appear in other parts. This is because the veins have been damaged so that damage will occur in other parts.

Varicose veins only can be removed by surgical removal of varicose veins. Well, before it happens, you should avoid before already experienced it.


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