7 Foods That Should Not Be Consumed with Certain Medicines

foods consumed certain medicines

Some types of food are advised not to be consumed along with certain medicines because it would make the medicine does not work optimally. Not only that, even a blend of chemical substances and nutrients from the medicine can provide harmful side effects for you.

What are some foods that should not be combined with medicines?

  1. Bananas – hypertension medications.
    Bananas have a high content of potassium, so it is not good if taken with hypertension medications. The reason is, hypertension medications (Captopril, ACE inhibitors or Angiotensin) also contain high potassium that can trigger an irregular heartbeat.
  2. Coffee – asthma medications.
    Asthma medications should not be mixed with coffee, because it can trigger side effects heart palpitations, nervousness, and shaking. If you’re asthmatic, you should avoid pure coffee because it is very high in caffeine.
  3. Green vegetables – anti-clotting medications.
    Blood thinners (anticoagulants) are made to prevent the formation of vitamin K so that the blood becomes more dilute. While some are green vegetables contain vitamin K, which it feared would inhibit the work of anticoagulant medications.
  4. Orange – blood pressure medications.
    Blood pressure lowering medications (statins) should not be mixed with orange. The reason is that orange can interfere with the effects of the medicine, triggering pain in the muscles.
  5. Milk – antibiotics.
    The process of absorption of antibiotics will be distracted if you are consuming the milk together. Milk will neutralize the antibiotic function.
  6. Lime – cough medicines.
    Lime and cough medicines should not be taken simultaneously because it would interfere with the action of the medicine. The side effects are hallucinations or drowsiness.
  7. Salmon – anti depressants.
    Salmon is not well taken with antidepressants with a substance monoamine oxidase inhibitor. If it happens then it could trigger a rise in blood pressure.

Pay attention to what is consumed prior to taking the medication, in order to speed up the healing.


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