Feet Swelling During Pregnancy is Permanent

feet swelling pregnancy permanent

Pregnancy has many wonders. For nine months, an expectant mother experienced many unusual things and never experienced before. Many changes occur in the body, including enlarged feet size during pregnancy. Do you also experience this?

Boldsky categorizes enlarged feet syndrome during pregnancy as one of the strange changes that occur in the body. Launched on these sites, feet size is getting bigger caused by a hormone called relaxin.

The hormone relaxin is the only cause of feet swelling during pregnancy. Because these hormones loosen the ligaments in your pelvis to make room for the baby to come out.

This, it turns out to have a lasting effect on the joints in the feet as well, causing the feet tend to be flat, wider and/or longer.

However, although in the article mentioned that the enlargement of the feet during pregnancy is temporary, it does not apply to all women. Some women even admitted that their feet did not return to its original size even though she gave birth a few years ago.

One of the women who shared their experiences of the feet swelling during pregnancy is actress Denise Van Outen. Dailymail mentioned, the size of her feet increased by one (from 5 to 6) when she was pregnant two years ago. And she reveals shoe size changes during pregnancy that actually lasts until today.

“Doctors believe that the changes arch of the foot caused by looseness of joints and extra strut that occurs during pregnancy,” he said.

The new study, published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, show that the decline in the arch of the foot is permanent.

Research on the size of the arch of the foot by the University of Iowa to 49 pregnant women, examining the size of feet of pregnant women at rest and when walking. This research was conducted during the first trimester of pregnancy, then performed again five months after giving birth.

As a result, 60-70 percent of women experience a decrease in the height of the arch of the foot that is significant from the beginning of pregnancy until five months after giving birth. Along with arch of the foot which decreased, and the soles of the feet flatter, the length of their feet grow 2-10 mm.


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