Food Has an Effect on the Recurrence of Bipolar Sufferers

food effect recurrence bipolar sufferers

If you have relatives who have bipolar disorder, you should keep them away from the consumption of ice cream. Quoted from Everyday Health page, if a person with such emotional disorder eats a lot of sugary foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar, it can aggravate the disease.

Here is an explanation from Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH, a professor at Louisiana State University Health Services Center-Shreveport, about the reaction of the food and its content to people with bipolar disease.


In humans without bipolar disorder, intake of sugar and carbohydrates in the form of food needed by the brain to be able to work effectively. However, for patients with this disease, excessive consumption is bad for their mood. They could be more wild and uncontrollable.

Suitable types of carbohydrates.

Not all types of carbohydrate foods recommended for patients with bipolar disease. They must keep the sugar levels do not rise so dramatically that will lead to emotional outbursts. The best food for them are fruits, vegetables, and grains with complex carbohydrates.

Protein should also be balanced to be consumed, for example, fat-free meat, fish, nuts and non-fat milk. Fish oil and wheat are also good for them because it contains tryptophan. This substance helps to control serotonin secreted by the brain.

Patients with bipolar disorder and their families should strive to maintain and reminded so that their food intake does not trigger the severity of symptoms of emotional disturbance that suffered.


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