3 Fatal Effect When the Body Less Drinking

fatal effect body less drinking

Drinking water looks like a trivial thing. But make no mistake, if you are going to underestimate it could be fatal. The human body is largely composed of liquid. Drinking enough water will keep the body’s systems running smoothly. Water is needed for a variety of things that support the good of the body’s systems.

Well, if you are curious what can happen if you get less drinking in everyday life, consider some of the following, as quoted from Okezone page =

  1. Died suddenly.
    Lack of fluids can make someone dies suddenly. It occurs when the body’s fluid needs are not met for days. Because, when someone dehydration then some important organ in the body is not able to perform its task optimally. This then leads to worsening health conditions.
  2. Heart rhythm disturbances.
    Fluids are also needed by the heart. This vital organ will experience rhythm disorders when the body is dehydrated. As a result, a person is in a dangerous health risk and could lead to complications.
  3. Kidney and liver problems.
    Lack of fluid in the long term can cause kidney and liver are not working properly. Conditions will become weaker as a lack of supply of liquid. One visible sign of this lack of fluids, urine color is dark yellow, greenish, or reddish.

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