Human Feces Can Indicate the Presence of Colon Cancer

feces indicate colon cancer

A study suggests a link between the condition of the stool or feces with the possible growth of cancer in the intestines. Therefore it does not hurt if you pay attention while defecating, for early detection of the condition of your digestive system is healthy or not.

Reported by Dailymail, the research associate in conditions between changes in color and texture form of feces, with indications of serious health problems that are ongoing.

Ash Gupta the scientist explained that if the diagnosis of colon cancer caught early, then the chances of a cure will be bigger happens. He also made a picture that further clarifies how the stool and bowel health condition of a person.

human feces stools

According to Gupta, the health of the digestive organs, depending on how healthy the food is consumed. He also said that if half of the number of patients with colon cancer can be prevented with healthy eating habits, physical activity, as well as maintained weight normal.

No wonder the colon cancer cases more experienced by residents of developed countries, which is 54% with a number of trends unhealthy eating patterns that prevail there. The figure is dominated by men than women, he explained.

“Excessive consumption of red meat and low in vegetables and fiber may increase the risk,” added Ash Gupta.

Difficult bowel movements more than three weeks should already be an indication that something was wrong in the digestive tract, and you should contact a doctor. In addition, when the color of feces is dark, bleeding, or the texture is not solid, it should be your concern.

Not only that, if there are indications of weight loss, and excessive tiredness also lump in the abdomen, then immediately contact your doctor.


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