Brain Function More Durable 10 Years If Diligent Exercise

brain function exercise

Benefits of regular exercise will not only make the power of the brain becomes primed only. More than that, physical activity also makes the brain longer to experience aging up to 10 years. That is when old age then brains of people who regularly exercise is still functioning properly. Brain-degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia can be prevented.

These results refer to a study published in the online edition of the journal Neurology. Quoted from CBS News, people who exercise can be maintained in their ability to remember. This is in contrast to conditions in people who lazy move their bodies to exercise.

“This study shows that older people need to exercise regularly in order to protect, assist and maintain the ability to remember,” said Dr. Clinton B. Wright, from the University of Miami.

The study included health data from 900 adults aged 71 years on average. They wrote the frequency of physical activity during the last two weeks. There is 90 percent of respondents who do light exercises such as walking and yoga. The rest are doing more intense exercise such as running, aerobics, and gymnastics. As a result, those who have low physical activity tend to have a lower memory than those who have high physical activity.

“We found that people who do moderate or heavy exercise, also reduced the risk of memory loss and what we call executive function, equivalent to about 10 years,” said researcher Dr. Mitchell Elkind, professor of neurology and epidemiology at Columbia University.

Differences in the ability to remember this is the same result when paired with a variety of other factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, body mass index, until hypertension which has been also affecting the brain. Although this study still has limitations, but researchers still recommend people to reduce the risk of cognitive impairment with exercise.


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