Difficult to Gain Weight, Try to Use This Way of Eating

gain weight way of eating

For people who have a congenital thin body, adding only a few kilos of weight can be very difficult. Although already eating a lot but the results are still far from the expectations of those who want to have an ideal body.

Are you also having problems difficult to gain weight? If yes, then there is a diet that you need to follow below.

  1. Eat little but often.
    Apply diet eat little but more often, so you more comfortable while enjoying the food. Eat 5 times a day in small portions, the food you love every 4 hours. This is good to make the body’s muscle mass maintained.
  2. A varied food menu.
    Vary the menu of food you consume, as seen from the nutritional value. Increase consumption of foods containing protein and fat, so that your weight increases more rapidly.
  3. Snacking.
    Snacks are also necessary on the sidelines of the main meal you consume. Choose healthy snacks like nuts or cakes that can help increase your weight. Snacking before bedtime is also recommended.
  4. Exercise.
    Want to be fat does not mean you have to leave the sport. Proper exercise will make you tired and increase appetite. After the exercise is advisable for you to drink milk, and eat foods high in protein.
  5. Drinks.
    Pay attention to the food, do not forget to choose your drink. You can consume the juice and smoothies that are high in nutrients and carbohydrates, so the weight gain is rapidly increasing.

Good luck.


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