Health Problems That Often Occur in People with Down Syndrome

health problems down syndrome

Having a child with Down Syndrome (DS) condition is not the end of everything. But parents need to equip themselves with more knowledge to be able to raise and educate them for the sake of a better future. That includes knowing what health problems experienced by the child.

Down Syndrome is a condition of physical and mental retardation due to abnormal development of chromosomes since in the womb. So there are some health problems that can be experienced, because of the abnormal condition. What are the commonly experienced by sufferers of Down Syndrome?

  1. Different physical.
    The physical condition of people with Down Syndrome a little different from normal children. They have a larger tongue, small mouth, short neck, chin size is also smaller than the shape of their face. Many who have sleep apnea or sleep disorders. Body movements they do also a bit stiff, not like a normal child.
  2. IQ problem.
    IQ development experienced by people with Down Syndrome is lower. In the age of 30 years, sometimes they can experience a loss of the ability to speak due to the disorder.
  3. Hearing.
    This is a problem experienced by many people with Down Syndrome, so you do not have to worry about. Sometimes also vision problems become a thing suffered by children with Down Syndrome.
  4. Heart health.
    People with Down Syndrome often also experience heart health problems at an early age. But also many who experienced it when old age.
  5. Cancer.
    Mentioned that people with Down Syndrome are more at risk of developing testicular cancer and leukemia. However, there is also the possibility of experiencing other types of cancer.

Any health problems experienced by people with Down Syndrome can certainly be cured with advice from a doctor.


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