Pregnant Women with Eye Minus Still Can Give Birth Normally

pregnant women eye minus

Pregnant women who have the eye minus or myopia often frightened by the possibility of giving birth that is not normal. And finally opted for a caesarean section. Such an assumption already exists since long ago. If a pregnant woman with eye minus remains to give birth normally then feared would suffer blindness because the retina is detached. And, it turns out, this issue is still under debate.

The beginning of this myth appears after some studies associate blindness with the normal birth process. Related to the process of straining. At the time of straining believed to increase pressure in the abdomen, chest, and eyes. This pressure is feared could trigger a detached eye retina. In women who have a high minus, it is possible to experience it, so until now they are advised to do a caesarean during childbirth.

But along with the development of science, this myth is finally refuted. Recent studies have found no adverse effects between normal childbirth with retinal detachments. Nothing found strong evidence that the pressure that occurs when straining can disrupt the eye’s retina.

The published study, Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology found, there is no problem on the retina of the eye that occurs in pregnant women to give birth normally. This study was conducted by observing the 10 women who have lattice degeneration until retinal detachment history.

Several other studies have said similar things. From this myth, for pregnant women who have high minus eyes recommended checking the condition of their eyes before deciding to undergo a normal delivery. From there, later be determined how big the risk is.


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