Besides Infertility, Less Testosterone Also Trigger This Problem

less testosterone problem

A number of low testosterone in men will cause effects difficult to have children or even lead to infertility. Not only that, but it turns out there are several other health problems may also be experienced by men who are infertile, compared with fertile men.

A study was presented at the European Association of Urology conference, Munich, associate between the existence of a metabolic disease and osteoporosis with the condition lack of the hormone testosterone.

The research involving 192 men with low sperm count, then their medical data compared with 199 men who had a normal sperm count.

Reported by page medicaldaily, scientists measured how much testosterone levels that are owned and their bone density levels. Similarly, the level of hemoglobin A1c (a marker of diabetes) owned by the participants.

The next method is to compare the results of data collected from two groups of participants.

Men who have a low amount of testosterone production are likely to be experiencing problems with low bone density. They are more at risk of osteoporosis and fractures if bumped.

In addition, the low number of male hormones also tend to make men have high glucose levels and more prone to insulin resistance. As a result, they are more likely to have diabetes.

The results of this study as well as a signal caution in men with low testosterone hormone conditions, to be alert to other types of health threats.


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