4 Causes of the Hands and Feet Often Tingling

hands feet often tingling

Tingling is a sensation of numbness in one or more of the members of the body that is quite disturbing. If you often experience it, then maybe there is something wrong with your body and your health. Especially if the tingling occurs in members of the body such as the hands and feet, we recommend that you should immediately visit a doctor to ask the triggers.

According to Stanley Lyadurai, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Ohio University, tingling if not often felt then it could be triggered by a reasonable thing. But if it is often felt, it is closely related to physical health problems.

What are the chances of health problems being experienced by the body when frequent tingling, the following explanation as reported by prevention.com =

Pinched nerve.

Usually, the neck or back nerves are being pinched, so that members of the body parts of the back, neck, legs often feel tingling. The trigger is lying down or sitting wrong, or an accident that causes pinched nerves in the body and the blood flow is not smooth.

Less vitamin.

Less vitamin B12 also can cause effects often feel tingling. The blood circulation is less smoothly to some members of the body is the result of a deficit of this vitamin. The body also feels weak, lethargic, and very vulnerable to disease. The solution is to take vitamins and supplements as well as multiply the intake of fruits and vegetables.


High blood sugar levels became one of the causes tinglings often come. If you do not know the sugar levels in the body, then the tingling sensation could be an indicator that the condition is above normal.

The same activities.

The same activities or job you are doing continuously, it can also lead to tingling. For example, prolonged sitting or lying down for long, and others. The conditions that will make the flow of blood vessels is inhibited.

In addition, it could also happen narrowing of the spine or cervical, or less body movement and thyroid gland problems.


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