5 Effects That Happen When You Often Eat Late

often eat late

Besides threatened by gastric diseases, the work of other organs also disrupted. Here are the danger of late to eat if done too often =

1. Easily tired and moody.

According to Evelyn Tribole, author of Eating on the Run, the supply of glucose to the brain becomes impaired in 4-6 hours since the last meal hours. When the supply of glucose level is low, meaning the body so less efficient to run its normal function. And you will start to feel easily tired, lethargic, and so moody. Because, low blood sugar affects memory, concentration and also mental or physical performance.

2. Metabolism slows.

Body metabolism is always running, even though the body is resting. The goal is to burn calories and convert it into energy. The metabolic rate of the body is supported by your calorie intake. Make sure you consume enough calories to support combustion energy.

The danger of late to eat this makes the metabolism of the body to store calories in the body become slow down. The impact, fatigue and lack of energy, so that other activities be disrupted.

3. Stomach cramps (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Eating regularly has many benefits for physical and digestion. But, many people often postpone meal times and thought it might be the way to lose weight. Unfortunately, this is dangerous.

Because the dangers of eating too late can cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which refers to the collection of chronic symptoms of gastric distress, including abdominal cramps and pain, constipation or diarrhea, and bloating. This disease can be caused by irritation of the bowel syndrome, due to the wrong diet.

4. Gastric ulcer or inflammation of the stomach.

In addition to stomach cramps, other dangerous diseases that could emerge is a gastric ulcer or inflammation of the stomach. In this case, the stomach hurt or irritation caused by gastric fluid in the stomach mucosa. Symptoms that occur is a pain up to the solar plexus after eating.

As revealed in the Journal of the American Medical Association, stress, skipping meals and wrong bedtime contributed to increasing the burden of acidic duodenum or intestine 12 fingers, which became the cause of development or aggravate the symptoms of gastric ulcer disease.

5. Signs of stress.

Pain in the abdomen and often skipping meals could be signs that you are experiencing stress. This is because, when faced with the stress factor physically and mentally, the body will respond with a natural resistance reaction. As revealed by the Georgetown University Health Education Services, that the forms could be like forgetting to eat, headaches, anxiety and experiencing abdominal cramps.

So, if you often forget the time to eat, it could be a sign of experiencing stress. For that, try eating regularly, in addition to improving energy can also increase the positive energy.


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