Cool, Virus Detection Tool Already Invented in Japan

virus detection tool japan

Viruses many trigger the disease, ranging from mild such as flu until severe such as bird flu or even HIV-AIDS. Therefore, an electronics giant Toshiba seeks to create a tool that is capable of detecting the presence of the virus.

In collaboration with Osaka University, Toshiba succeeded in their experiments to make tools that can perform virus detection sensor in just 5 minutes, cool.

Not only detect, but the tool is also claimed to be able to recognize the form of the virus in just minutes, using gene amplification techniques that previously spent 8 hours.

With the existence of such tools is also expected in the future to help physicians in the diagnosis of disease, and the prevention of infectious disease as early as possible. So unlike the currently that have to wait long before knowing what type of virus that attacks someone and seek medication to cope.

Reported by page Times of India, Toshiba has announced the results of these experiments and intends to produce the core chip in large quantities.

In fact, they have set 2017 as the time to commercialize this shaped tool kit for the detection of virus, at a very affordable price, i.e., USD9.

Not only Toshiba, other electronics companies namely Konica Minolta has tried to develop advanced diagnostic technologies. They are able to create tools for the detection of influenza virus, the result of collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science.

The tool is also expected to be used for the detection of harmful viruses such as zika virus and dengue fever faster.


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