4 Rare Types of Cancer That Are Dangerous

rare types of cancer

Cancer is not the kind of minor ailments that its treatment easy. But among all the types of cancer that are commonly known to the public, it turns out there are some cancers that are quite rare and rarely suffered by humans. But that does not mean the disease is not dangerous because it’s rare in this world.

As for your information, here are some rare types of cancer that are dangerous as reported by prevention page =

Foot cancer.

Foot cancer gives initial symptoms such as discomfort in the foot, then the appearance of moles in some parts of the foot, pain that is not fair, the growth of different foot from one side, or other symptoms.

Indeed, some of the above symptoms can also be caused by skin cancer, which does not usually appear in the foot. Foot melanoma occurs 3-5 percent of all cases of melanoma in another skin part.

Vaginal cancer.

This includes a rare type of cancer, and the known type is squamous cell carcinoma. Including the part of skin cancer, generally, the cells of the disease began to develop near the cervix and occur after menopause.

Salivary gland.

Salivary glands function to produce the enzymes used in digestion. A rare case if cancer invades this part, with initial symptoms such as numbness, weakness in the face, unnatural bumps in the ear, cheek, jaw, or mouth.

Chordoma cancer.

This is a disease that attacks the part of the skull and spine. So rare, only one out of one million people per year who have experienced chordoma cancer. Its early symptoms are a sore throat, dizziness, the view is not clear, tingling in the arms and legs and a few other.


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