Causes of Women Often Lie About the Disease to the Doctor

women lie disease doctor

Besides about romance and finance, it turns out that women tend to lie about the disease to the doctor than men. Yes, these findings come from a study carried out by consultants digital health, ZocDoc, which revealed that approximately 46 percent of Americans admitted to lying about the disease and eliminate the media information from their doctors.

Studies involving 2000 participants finally came to the conclusion that if women tend to lie about medical information to doctors than men.

In more detail, there is about 30 percent of women admitted to having lied to their doctors. Meanwhile, the men with a smaller percentage at 23 percent than women.

After being asked the reason, they profess to fear, and shame got the judgments of their doctors. Moreover, they do not have enough time to meet face to face with their doctor, which is as much as 27 percent. The rest, 32 percent answered that the doctor did not ask specifically to discuss what is disturbing them.

“Hopefully the results of this study may open the eyes of the doctors that there was a lot of emotion around personal health. Especially about the recognition that the doctor did not give enough time to ask the patient,” said Dr. Oliver Kharraz, ZocDoc founder and president.

He also admitted if this could have caused many people to be uncomfortable to tell their health problems to their doctors and prefer to tell anyone.

As information, approximately 47 percent of Americans switched to tell their health symptoms in people who loves to get advice. Meanwhile, 18 percent of women prefer to talk honestly with a makeup artist or hair stylist in the salon about their health issues compared with the doctor.


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